Selected Paintings — Feasting/Fasting (2017-18)

Selected Paintings — Cutting Garden (2016-17)

I appropriated materials from books and magazines for this series. Building multiple paintings at once, I impose one piece’s vocabulary and syntax onto another, cutting and pruning to cultivate contradictions in surface, subject, and vantage point. For instance, when glimpse of the drought-plagued Sahara in a 1974 _National Geographic_ meets a sliver of diagram from an electrician’s textbook and a gesture made by hand with pencil, countless adjustments follow. The result is an accretion of wooden supports, appropriated book covers, collaged photos and illustrations, drawing media, and layers of gouache painting. A whole emerges gradually during the viewing process, but its terrain remains distinctly stratified.

Previous Work (2007-08)

oil, spray paint, and mixed media on collaged aluminum and gallery wall